After being in business for thirty-plus years, it’s not surprising that Chris has developed points of view on a range of subjects. Below are some of the POVs he uses in conducting marketing workshops. 

Please know these points of view will be expanded for Chris’ forthcoming book, 

An insider's advice to the next generation of creative leaders. 


+ Branding defines marketing and communications.

Not the other way around.

+ Branding must address the What, Who and Why questions.

That’s how Walmart and Target aren’t competitors.
They serve different customer audiences.

+ It takes a village to define a brand.

“No one has a monopoly on truth or wisdom.”

+ Internal alignment is branding’s other ROI.

Everyone’s roles and actions have context.

+ “Don’t write a check the store can’t cash.”

Brand alignment is an inside-out proposition.

+ Without brand authenticity, marketing can’t work.

The best way to kill a phony brand is good marketing.


+ Sorry. Your business is not that different.

The 80/20 principle also applies to marketing.

+ DIY marketing is not as easy as it seems.

Marketing consumption ≠ competence.

+ A strategy is not a bundle of tactics tied together.

You must be ruthless about focus.

+ Mission and positioning are the same but different.

They’re opposite sides of the same coin.

+ Ask logical questions, get logical answers.

And you’ll likely be misled.

+ Message x Media = Results.

And zero times anything always equals zero.

+ Demographics are a pretty meaningless metric.

Target (retarget) by interests, behaviors, etc.


+ “What do you think?” is a very dangerous question.

Without strategy, it’s just a battle of opinions.

+ You are not the target audience.

Only customers or donors produce revenue.

+ T-shirt pitch is the new elevator pitch.

You only have six seconds to make an impression.

+ Own a single word or idea.

BMW is driving.
Lowe’s is improvement.

+ Pretend you’re at a backyard barbeque.

Only use jargon when it makes sense.

+ It’s impossible to persuade without first gaining attraction.

I have to like you before I’ll listen.

+ Cool is not a strategy.

It’s a tactic in search of a strategy.

Digital Media

+ 80-90 percent of a brand’s first touch happens online.

I think, therefore I search. And then I find you.

+ You really can’t afford the waste of mass media.

Plus, you’ll never achieve effective reach.

+ A website isn’t about your brand, it is your brand.

If your website is lame, so is your brand.

+ Websites need to be conceived in 3-D.

Let the visitor decide how much info to consume.

+ Your homepage is like a front porch.

If it’s messy, guests will leave. Maybe forever.

+ Don’t rely on your competitors or peer group for media insight.

Their IMC plans may be even more ineffective.

+ Social media is like owning a pet.

Be careful what you wish for.